Monday, October 12, 2009

iPhone app for Arizona geology

It was only a matter of time, I suppose, but did we really expect someone to release an application for iPhones to view the geology of the Grand Canyon State??

A company called Integrity Logic tells us they can put the geology of Arizona in the palm of your hand, for only $4.99.

The company says the 23 GIS layers that make up Geology AZ are kept in an internal database, can be moved up or down and made transparent.

Tapping an area on the phone screen can bring up additional info about the unit selected, such as lithologic description and age [right, screen shot]

[Thanks to Steve Reynolds for passing this along. One of our tech-savvy guys already had downloaded it to his phone]

Ryan Clark, one of our informatics gurus here at AZGS, has tried out the app, and reports that most of the data provided appears to be from the USGS. So, there is a potentially money-making opportunity for some entrepreneur to do a new app, using AZGS geo-data!


  1. We'd love to use AZGS data, but we really can't afford to pay for it (unless it's *really* cheap). I think the law has changed recently, does it mean we could use AZGS data for free?

  2. Max, most AZGS data are free and much of it is now online to download.

    We sell our formal publications and we recover modest fees on some digital products like geologic maps in GIS format but our costs are mostly for reproduction. Even at $25, these are a bargain.