Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sen. McCain calls New Madrid seismic study wasteful

McCain Tweeted this morning, "Wasteful spending continues in Washington…so I’ve decided to resume the Top 10 earmarks of the day, starting w/ the DHS Appropriations Bill". The top example on his list is
#1. $325,000 to study seismic activity in Memphis, TN
Sen. McCain doesn't state what the study covers or who the earmark goes to but the geologists who told me about it today at the Geological Society of America meeting were not happy.

Memphis is vulnerable to earthquakes on the New Madrid fault system, which had 3 major events in 1811-12.



  1. Anonymous8:37 AM

    Speaking of waste, how about Senator McCain. He certainly is an example of wasted votes.

  2. $325,000 doesn't seem like a lot when there is a potential to save lives. As a lay person, I'm amazed by those who shun the importance of science only to cry later after a preventable tragedy.