Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Poll results - rating AZGS programs

Yesterday our external panel met to review AZGS programs to give us guidance on what programs to put forward for permanent elimination to meet the State's budget shortfall. The 9 representatives of geoscience professional societies, trade groups, and community sectors, met with program managers and section chiefs, toured the facilities, and quizzed us all on our programs and accomplishments.

One set of materials they considered were the results of the online poll AZGS has conducted for the past week and half to solicit the opinions of the people who use our data and services. As of Sunday, 183 participants had completed the poll, with more than half providing additional comments. We will compile all these results and post on the AZGS website, but in the interim, here is a summary graph showing the average ranking of each of the 24 programs we broke out. The rankings go from 1= not important to 5 = very important.

We are taking all these comments and recommendations to prepare our budget reduction plan fo the Governor's Office of Strategic Planning & Budget by Friday. The plans from all state agencies are expected to be made publicly shortly after they are gathered and reviewed. We will be able to talk in more detail about our planned cuts once the Governor's office releases them.

We really appreciate everyone who took the poll, offered comments, and provided ideas. Your assessments are truly guiding how we proceed.

One change we made quickly is to break the Energy and Mineral Resources program into two separate programs. The panel yesterday evaluated them independently.

We'll you posted on developments.

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