Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cracking up in Arizona

Phoenix magazine's article on the Earth fissure program run by AZGS titled "Cracking Up," has a couple of the best lines of the year:
Since 2007, Joe Cook has had his head up a crack somewhere in Maricopa County. It’s not a very sexy job, but then again, that’s the life of someone who studies Earth’s layers for a living.
[right, Queen Creek "Y crack" fissure, 2005]

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  1. Anonymous10:05 AM

    That's hysterical! I love your blog btw, it's very interesting. I have a question about these fissures that you may be able to answer. The fissure study remarked that the extent of some fissures could not be determined due to urban development. Is there a way that the fissures could be mapped seismically? Maybe using a thumper, road noise, or mechanical vibration to further map the fissures' extent?