Saturday, May 01, 2010

Saving Water Resources reports and maps

The Tucson office of the Arizona Dept. of Water Resources is shutting down, along with all the agencies Aquifer Management Areas (AMA) offices. Most of the staff have been laid off and a small group is cleaning out their offices and files in the State's Regional Office Complex, next door to AZGS in Tucson. [right, Avra Valley recharge ponds. Credit, ADWR]

Yesterday, we spent part of the day with the ADWR folks loading cart loads with stacks of publications, reports, and maps to move to the AZGS Library to make sure they are preserved and available to the public.

The final moveout is expected to take another one to two weeks, and we are working with the ADWR staff to preserve as many resources as possible.

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  1. Anonymous1:05 PM

    Thank you Lee & all others at AZGS for your assistance during this very difficult time.

    Preserving some of the Department's resources and knowledge in the form of such maps and reports, just knowing that this information has a place, well, it just helps smooth this transition. Thanks again,

    Teri Davis, ADWR hydrologist