Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Impact of copper industry on Arizona economy

Arizona's copper industry produced about 814,000 tons in 2009, down about 13% from the previous year, but that still amounted to direct impact of more than $3 billion including $767 million in personal income, $2.1 billion in business sales and almost $152 million in state and local government revenues.

The annual report released by the Arizona Mining Association, "The Economic Impact of the Arizona Copper Industry 2009," by George Leaming of the Western Economic Analysis Center, shows "total, direct employment in Arizona’s copper mines and process facilities in 2009 was about 9,100 employees, compared with 11,200 in 2008."

The AMA report says "Arizona’s economy gained almost $9.3 billion and 52,500 Arizona residents had jobs in 2009 as a result of the combined direct and indirect contributions of the copper industry to personal, business and government income in the state."

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