Sunday, June 13, 2010

Another roadside attraction: hotel opens in a Grand Canyon cave

Grand Canyon Caverns has opened a hotel room in their cave, 220 feet below the surface that can also serve as a bomb shelter. The 28' x 16' 'room' sits on a platform with short walls, in a cavern area 125 feet wide by 300 feet long with a 70-foot ceiling. The caverns are located along Route 66 south of the national park.

The press release says the platform is a complete motel room with beds, sofas, dining area, mini kitchen, library, bathroom with shower (ceiling 50 feet above it) TV, phone, and entertainment center.

And while it might sound like the ultimate in privacy, the owners warn that tours of the facility begin at 9 am so guests should plan on checking out by then, or expect visitors.

Kudos to Mark Evans at the Tucson Citizen for spotting this.

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