Monday, June 07, 2010

New blog opposed to mineral museum transfer

There's a new blog, Mineral Museum Madness, written by someone identified only as 'Zebra,' that blasts the transfer of the Arizona Mining & Mineral Museum to become the Arizona Centennial Museum.

The transfer was signed into law, so it's not clear what the purpose the complaints may serve now, but it looks like the opponents are not giving in yet.

[right, artists view of planned Centennial Museum]


  1. Anonymous10:12 PM

    It'd also be nice if we could get of the breakdown of the things needed to be done to control the effects of mining industries on the environment. Perhaps an update on the post?

    Ri of

  2. The main purpose of the new blog is to gather public support for corrective legislation to return the Arizona mineral collection to a qualified agency, such as yours perhaps. The Arizona Historical Society obviously lacks the expertise required to curate this priceless scientific mineral collection. Even worse, this really bad law splits the collection between ADMMR and AHS in a way that no one can figure out.

    I am not trying to hide. I just used my initial (z for zebra) as something simple for the blog. My name is Dick Zimmermann, and I will be working on this as long as AHS tries to hang onto this mineral collection.