Thursday, June 03, 2010

Denison claims no uranium mine threat to Grand Canyon

The EnergyCollective blog reprinted part of an article published in Fuel Cycle Week (V9:N375 May 6, 2010 by International Nuclear Associates, Washington, DC) last September, in which they report that Ron Hochstein, Denison CEO, said at the time,
“We are within 10-15 miles of the north rim, but geologically speaking, their allegations we will impact the Grand Canyon are simply not within the realm of feasible outcomes. The idea that the mine threatens the Grand Canyon ecosystem can’t be justified by any stretch of the imagination.”

EPA last month filed a notice of violation (a civil action) against Denison saying the company had not properly notified the agency of its restart of its Arizona #1 mine in northern Arizona [right, Arizona #1 headframe. Credit Denison Mines], and that the state air permit did not satisfy federal requirements.

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