Sunday, August 08, 2010

Debris flows follow Flagstaff's Schultz fire

An AZGS hazards team found debris flows when they inspected post-fire erosion occurring at the site of the recent Schultz Fire in Flagstaff last week, after heavy rains produced sheet flooding in the low-relief subdivisions at the base of the mountains.

Phil Pearthree, Ann Youberg, and Jeri Young from AZGS joined Deb Martin (USGS), Sara Brown (visiting UK grad student), Dan Neary (USFS), and Karen Koestner (USFS)

[Top photo: post-fire debris-flow snout, Weatherford Canyon, Waterline Road, Schultz Fire

Middle photo: post-fire debris flow deposits in Weatherford Canyon, Waterline Road, Schultz Fire.

Bottom: rills through mulch placed to mitigate erosion, Waterline Road, Schultz Fire.

All photos by Ann Youberg, AZGS]

The hillside erosion raises concerns about the efficacy of the reseeding and mulching efforts underway on these steep slopes in the near term to mitigate more erosion, flooding, and debris flows.

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