Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Blogs are passe. Tweeting on is now mainstream and the geoscience community is embracing it. [this sentence took 85 characters, well within the twitter limit of 140, so I could have tweeted it]

I'm following four twitter feeds, albeit intermittently:

GSA's geosociety at

AGU's theAGU at

Chris Rowan's Geoblogfeed at

and our own, maintained by Mike Conway, Chief of the AZGS Geologic Extension Service, AZGeology at

Each of these is serving primarily as an aggregator of geo-news from a wide array of sources. With RSS feeds, these sit on the tool bar above my browser. A quick click, and I see
instantaneous lists of what's happening in the world of geoscience. Many of the tweets are links to blog posts or news headlines. Some report geologic events as they are unfolding.


  1. Your readers may also be interested in a human-filtered geology aggregator on twitter that I maintain at:

    It is somewhat more comprehensive than the other feeds you mention, and thus is only advisable for those who are interested in sampling the full firehose of geologic content available via RSS.

  2. Very cool, Ron! I just signed up to follow.

    Last night at the AGS dinner meeting, someone asked if there was a twitter feed or blog that tracked new journal articles. It looks like you're providing a unique and desirable service.