Sunday, August 01, 2010

New issue of electronic "Arizona Geology"magazine

We converted our quarterly magazine Arizona Geology to electronic online format nearly two years ago, initially as a cost savings measure, but we also were excited about opportunities offered by the new approach to use more photos and color, include videos, and have as much space as a story needed.

The Summer 2010 issue of Arizona Geology went live yesterday. Editor Mike Conway has compiled a wonderful set of articles including the origin of the Grand Canyon, geologic mapping of the Verde River, small earthquakes in Arizona, and how lidar is being used here.

We have guest pieces from Flagstaff geologist and author par excellence Wayne Ranney and one of ASU's sharpest grad students, David Haddad.

I've heard from some of our readers around the state and country who miss the paper copy of the mag they used to get in the mail, but many didn't realize it is now online and more robust than ever. We invite you to rediscover Arizona Geology.


  1. It would be great if you could add links to past digital publications to the Archives links; right now, only Spring 2009 has a link on that page. I found ways to get to Summer 09, Winter 09, and Spring 10 using links from, but a link from the Archives would be far easier :).

  2. Nice LiDAR article. I wrote about it here:

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