Saturday, October 09, 2010

Geologic Mapping Advisory Committee priorities for Arizona

The AZGS Geologic Mapping Advisory Committee met in Phoenix recently to set priorities for our geologic mapping program a year from now.

Areas recommended for new mapping were decided by vote as follows: Artillery – Date Creek Mountains area (13 points), Prescott area (8 points), and Safford area (8 points). The Kingman area was ranked fourth (6 points).

All of the top-ranked areas are in the long-term priority areas as determined at the 2009 meeting of the GMAC. It was decided in 2009 that long-range priority for new mapping should be for the following regions (listed order does not imply priority):

(1) Phoenix-Tucson corridor
(2) Upper Verde
(3) Kingman-Harquahala
(4) San Pedro
(5) Lower Colorado River trough
(6) Upper Gila River

GMAC members include:
  • Barbara Murphy, Clear Creek Associates
  • Robert Linsell, Granite Construction
  • Eric Mears, Brown & Caldwell
  • Frank Corkhill, Az Dept. of Water Resources
  • Jeff Garrett, BLM
  • Joe Dixon, AZ State Land Dept.
  • Nick Priznar, AZ Dept. of Transportation
  • Ralph Weeks, AMEC
  • Steve Reynolds, School of Earth & Space Exploration, ASU
  • Wayne Hood, AZ Dept. of Environmental Quality
  • William Greenslade, Southwest Ground-water Consultants
  • William Wilkinson, Freeport McMoRan Copper & Gold

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