Thursday, October 07, 2010

Nearly 500 new nuclear plants planned

A surplus of uranium is expected to continue for 3-4 years but then demand will start increasing to to supply a projected total of 493 new nuclear reactors, according to a report on They report:

Currently there are 440 nuclear power reactors in operation and 59 under construction. There are 493 new nuclear reactors planned or proposed globally as of Aug '10, up from 435 Dec ‘09 (+13%). A total of 84 new reactors are scheduled to be commissioned by 2017.

As of Aug '10, countries with the largest number of planned and proposed new nuclear reactors are: China 153; India 60; Russia 44; USA 31; South Africa 27 (mostly smaller modular reactors); and Ukraine 22.

Some of the richest uranium deposits in the U.S. exist in the breccia pipe district in the Arizona Strip. [right, Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station, west of Phoenix, the last and largest nuclear plant built in the U.S. Credit, APS]

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