Thursday, December 02, 2010

40 years of "Arizona Geology" and "Fieldnotes" online

AZGS has posted 40 years of our quarterly newsletters Arizona Geology and Fieldnotes online starting with volume 1 from 1971.

Thanks to Extension Service chief Mike Conway and Web Master Pam Barry-Santos for pulling together this great digital collection.

The archive includes 40-years of Fieldnotes (1971-1988) and Arizona Geology (1988-2010) newsletters, comprising more than 150 issues. The articles are arranged by year/volume/issue and include the title of the lead article of each issue. Article topics range widely from geologic hazards – earthquakes, earth fissures, debris flows and floods, volcanism, and landslides – to economic minerals – copper, gold, manganese, uranium, oil & gas, and industrial minerals – to volcanism, geothermal resources, breccia pipes, and the origin of Grand Canyon.

Newsletters are written for consumption by the general public as well as the geoscience community.

And here is a sampling of titles through the years.

· Glyptodonts in Arizona: Saga of Supercontinents (2010)

· Holocene Mapping of the San Pedro River System (2009)

· Recent Debris Flows and Floods in Southern Arizona (2006)

· Development Devours Aggregate (2002)

· Catastrophic Natural Disasters in Arizona (2001)

· Oil and Gas in Arizona: Good News and Bad News (1999)

· Grand Canyon – More Rain and Rockslides (1995)

· Land Subsidence in the Salt River Valley West of Phoenix (1993)

· Industrial Minerals of Southeastern Arizona (1992)

· Geology of the Vulture Gold Mine (1989)

· Volcanic History of Arizona (1986)

· Thermal Springs of Arizona (1981)

· Uranium in Arizona (1980)

· Earthquakes in Arizona (1976)

· Evaporite Developments: Thickest Anhydrite in the World? (1973)

· The Economic Importance of Mineral Industry Land Use in Arizona (1971)

Early and recent issues frequently include columns reporting on seismicity, oil and gas updates, and natural hazard events from across the state.

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