Tuesday, December 14, 2010

State Land Dept. faces cuts of 90%

State Land Commissioner Maria Baier sent a letter out yesterday to beneficiaries and clients of the agency warning that unless the Arizona Court of Appeals rules in the departments favor on December 15, they expect to reduce staff levels from 115 full time and 5 part time employees to 14 full time employees by December 31.

The department administers state trust lands [right, in light blue] on behalf of the school children and other beneficiaries in Arizona. The Legislature cut state funding for operation of the department, replacing it with revenues from the trust lands. A lawsuit by representatives of beneficiaries sued, and the funding plan was overturned. However, the State did not replace those funds.

Maria announced plans for a briefing at 11 am, Dec. 2o in the ASLD Auditorium if the appeal fails. Check the ASLD website for details and updates - www.land.state.az.us

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