Monday, October 24, 2011

Demos of our geothermal data network

The Geothermal Resources Council annual meeting launched last night here in San Diego in partnership with the Geothermal Energy Association industry trade show. AZGS has an exhibit booth where project manager Kim Patten and I are running demos of the State Geothermal Data project.

AZGS is the prime contractor of the largest Dept. of Energy Geothermal project in the country, to digitize data from state geological surveys in all 50 states, and add them to the National Geothermal Data System. AZGS is also a subcontractor to build the data integration platform for the NGDS.

Our online catalog now has over 34,000 data resources, linked to over 600,000 data sets hosted by state surveys around the country. That number is growing weekly and will continue to do so for the next two years while we populate the emerging system.

The sprawling Town & Country Hotel where the meeting is being held is sold out and overflow attendees are being sent to other nearby hotels. We had a steady stream of visitors to our booth all evening long and lots of interest from others in adding their own data into the network. The meeting reflects the excitement in the geothermal industry.

Technical talks begin today. On Tuesday, Dave Blackwell and his team from Southern Methodist Univ. in Dallas, will present their new geothermal potential map for Arizona and New Mexico. We'll post updates.

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