Monday, October 17, 2011

Unanimous vote to continue AZGS for 10 years

The Arizona Legislature's Committee of Reference voted unanimously this afternoon to endorse continuation of the Arizona Geological Survey for 10 years, the maximum allowed by law. The recommendation will be drafted into legislation that will be presented to the full Legislature in January.

AZGS's statutory authority expires on June 30, 2012, and the public hearing today was to decide whether to renew, terminate, or merge the Survey.

Our stakeholder community showed up in force to testify in support of continuing the Survey. They described the value of the data and reports we provide to industry, government, and academia, and the responsiveness of the Survey in meeting stakeholder needs.

Senator Jack Jackson commented that the large outpouring of support for the Survey made it easier for the Committee to come to their decision. He noted that no other agencies going through their own Sunset Reviews had this kind of public support from their constituencies.

So, thanks to all of you who spoke up on our behalf. And thanks to the staff of AZGS for the tremendous work they do, to meet the needs of Arizona and its people. We will continue to work hard to earn your respect, protect our communities from natural hazards, and pursue wise development of our resources for economic growth.


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  2. Larry Fellows8:09 AM

    Congratulations Lee and AZGS staff for doing a great job. Thanks to all who use the services of the AZGS, recognize the quality, value, and importance of the AZGS, and provided support needed during the sunset review process.