Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pima County expenditures to oppose Rosemont copper mine

Pima County has reportedly spent over $65,000 on external "studies, analyses and a three-dimensional model" of the proposed Rosemont copper mine in the Santa Rita mountains southeast of Tucson, as part of their opposition to the project, according to the Green Valley News. This does not include the salaries and other costs of the county staff assigned to fight the mine. [right, location map courtesy Rosemont Copper]

The Forest Service Environmental Impact Statement [EIS] is expected to be released for public comment late this month.


  1. Perhaps they will appreciate the value of the mine when the Arizona Historical Society opens the Arizona Experience Museum with its awesome mineral education resources.

  2. Anonymous11:13 AM

    The appreciation goes to Pima County for protecting its citizens by making the effort to evaluate both sides of the Rosemont Mine issue, rather than just accepting the information provided, when there is so much at stake. Thank you Pima County!

  3. Anonymous4:11 PM

    Pima County is blatantly anti-mining and has been for some time. No mining jobs are wanted and no tax revenues seem to be needed.

  4. Anonymous2:55 PM

    I know for a fact that the County will not give up the fight. People are so unaware of the bad affects of the mine, and can be easily swayed.

  5. Anonymous11:09 AM

    Fight the mine! Keep the Santa Rita Mountains beautiful!!