Saturday, November 05, 2011

Frye Award photos from GSA

We just got photos from the Geological Society of America award ceremony in Minneapolis, where AZGS geologist Joe Cook received the John C. Frye Award for best environmental geology publication as the lead author on an AZGS-published report on Quaternary geology along the San Pedro River, which is being used for water rights adjudication.

Below, Joe is congratulated by GSA President John
Geissman at the Presidential Award Ceremonies. Right, Joe in center is flanked on the left by Jack Hess, GSA Executive Director, Annual Meeting Chair Harvey Thorliefson, and on the right by me and GSA President John Geissman.

Ref: Mapping of Holocene River Alluvium along the San Pedro River, Aravaipa Creek, and Babocomari River, Southeastern Arizona, by Joseph P. Cook, Ann Youberg, Philip A. Pearthree, Jill A. Onken, Bryan J. MacFarlane, David E. Haddad, Erica R. Bigio, Andrew L. Kowler, 2009, Arizona Geological Survey Digital Map DM-RM-1

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    Congratulations! Keep up the hard work!!