Sunday, November 13, 2011

Searching the geothermal data catalog

The State Geological Surveys across the country are in full production mode, compiling and digitizing data as part of the AZGS-led effort to deploy the National Geothermal Data System nationwide and populate it with data needed for geothermal exploration and development. There are over 34,000 records in the online catalog, growing from only 4,000 in April.

We tested our preliminary user access capabilities at the GSA annual meeting in Minneapolis in October, prior to rolling out a formal launch at the Geothermal Resources Council annual meeting in San Diego to great reviews a couple weeks later.

Our distributed data system is based on internationally accepted open-source OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) and ISO standards.

We realize that many of NGDS users use ESRI's ArcMap GIS software, so we developed an application for searching the catalog directly through ESRI's ArcMap. This application can access OGC Catalog Services for the Web (CSW) through, and . The application can search and list the available services using key words. It can also add Web Map Services (WMS) directly into ArcMap. [right, screen shot of catalog search for Heat Flow data]

The application is available for free on the USGIN Repository at A tutorial on installing and using the application is available on the Tutorials site at

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