Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Park Service geology reports on Coronado and Ft. Bowie monuments

The National Park Service Geologic Resources Division released two new Geologic Resources Inventory (GRI) reports for two Arizona parks in the Intermountain Region: Coronado National Memorial (CORO) [right], and Fort Bowie national Historic Site (FOBO).

The reports are companion documents to previously released digital geologic map data for each park and aid in the map's use for resource management.

The GRI report is written for resource managers to assist in resource management and science-based decision making, but may also be useful for interpretation. The report discusses potential geologic issues facing resource managers at the park, distinctive geologic features and processes present within the park, and the geologic history leading to the park’s present landscape. A map unit properties table summarizes the main features, characteristics, and potential management issues for all of the rock units on the geologic map.

The reports are technically reviewed by geologic experts, professionally edited, and undergo a management review to ensure compliance with NPS policies. The reports are submitted as part of the Natural Resource Program Center's Natural Resource Report (NRR) series and are posted on-line on the GRI publications webpage. Both high- and low-resolution PDFs are available for download at this site as is a link to the digital geologic data.
AZGS geologists Mike Conway and Ann Youberg, and Tucson consulting geologist John Bezy were acknowledged for their advice and reviews on the reports.

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