Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Arizona SciTech official ribbon cutting & coming events

The Arizona SciTech Fest officially kicks off with a ribbon cutting ceremony at 11:00 at the Innovations in Bioscience event on Saturday.

Here are some more of the week's events:

The Glendale Chocolate Affaire is being held Friday through Sunday and will offer musical performances, horse and carriage rides, chocolate factory tours, festival food, beer, wine and crafts... need we say more?

Check out the finest glass artists in the valley at A Glass Perpective on Friday evening from 6-10pm.

Stroll down to First Friday and experience where "Science meets The Arts" on Friday evening from 6-10pm.

Don't miss out on MCC's Astronomy Night on Friday from 6-10pm. You'll get to see the Planetarium shows and, if the weather permits, the Moon, planets and stars as well!

Saturday should be beautiful (71 degrees), so take your family on a walk around the Veterans Oasis Park for the Chandler Family Birdwalks event!

White chocolate really isn't chocolate. It's made from cocoa butter, the substance you get by pressing cocoa beans. Cocoa butter is absent of the cocoa solids used to make chocolate.

The Sky is the Limit for Arizona's A&D Industry
The future looks bright for Arizona’s Aerospace and Defense Industry and the potential for its continued growth is great. Arizona is considered a natural environment for the Aerospace and Defense Industry.

Citizen Scientists in Arizona Working to Create a ‘Great Globe’
It’s a small world: Arizona youth are doing their part to create a 1:100,000 scale replica of the planet earth.

Pinal County Innovates
The Pinal Partnership was formed to bring together all the people and ideas that will ultimately lead Pinal County to its full potential.

Arizona SciTech Festival Tucson Highlights has provided its readers with a helpful guide to Arizona SciTech in Tucson.

Tucson Young Professionals Work to Increase Interest in Science
Tucson Young Professionals (“TYP”) is a group of young business and community leaders who are working together to increase investment in Tucson by showcasing the city as a hub of growth and prosperity.

The Science of Chocolate: Five Fun Facts About Your Favorite Sweet Treat
Chocolate has a rich history. Cultures around the world have enjoyed chocolate in its many forms for millennia, but we are giving you 5 fun facts that you may not know about it!

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