Monday, February 20, 2012

Uranium mine could open in 2012, shaft started on another

Denison Mines expects to begin production of uranium from its Pinenut mine in northern Arizona in 2012, and begin sinking a shaft 1,400 feet to the Canyon mine deposit in the 4th quarter of 2012, according to a company investment presentation.

The Pinenut mine is just east of the company's operating Arizona #1 mine. The Canyon mine will be about 6 miles southeast of the town of Tusayan [right, credit Denison Mines]. An article in the Arizona (Flagstaff) Daily Sun yesterday, summarized key aspects of the mine, noting it will involve a vertical shaft 900 to 1,400 feet deep, to produce about 200 tons of ore a day, to go a mill in Blanding, Utah. The mine life is estimated at 5 years. Surface disturbance would affect about 17 acres.

The Arizona Dept. of Environmental Quality fact sheet notes that in August 1986, "the U.S. Forest Service published a final Environmental Impact Statement with a Finding of No Significant Impact for the proposed mining activities at the Canyon Mine site."

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