Monday, February 06, 2012

U.S Senate hearing on Resolution Copper land exchange

Politico 's Morning Energy Report says that the US Senate Energy and Natural Resources panel meets Thursday "to consider the House and Senate versions of legislation that would pave the way for a massive copper mine in southeast Arizona by swapping federal land for private holdings. National conservation groups have battled the mine, but it has strong backing from Sens. Jon Kyl — slated to testify Thursday — and John McCain, as well as Arizona House Republicans." [Right, view of proposed mine site. Credit, Resolution Copper]

The proposed mine, east of Superior, would mine copper from depths of 7,000 ft. The company proposes trading a variety of conservation lands around the state for forest lands overlying the deposit. The mine is expected to produce 25% of US copper needs for decades.


  1. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Great deal for Resolution Copper. Horrible deal for the traditional acorn gathering and ceremonial land of the Apaches. Worse yet deal for destroying a conservation area that provides a home to wildlife and is a popular hiking area for outdoors enthusiasts. I plan to vote against both Senators in the next election. Time for some truly forward thinking leadership.

  2. Anonymous1:36 PM

    do you want pretty trees or jobs? personally i have been going to oak flat for 24 years and i have not once seen an apache hathering acorns, mainly because they dont pick there rather they pick at the top-o-the-world. fyi. i need a job. thousands around me need a job. any job. its hard to explain to your children that santa only comes when daddy has a job. lets get real people. you vote against it, you vote against a working man and his livelyhood. i am a life long resident of superior, and have 5 generations of irish underground mining roots. magma supported 3 generations of my family. we depend on mining. we need mining. for those of us mining familys, no mines= no life. stop with the selfish puffery and BS!