Saturday, July 07, 2012

Are Tombstone streets sagging into old mine workings?

Residents in the historic mining town of Tombstone think that small depressions formed in streets after monsoon rains are due to the ground sagging into underground workings that crisscross the area.  

Tucson's Channel 13 news offers video and interviews with residents who say this has occurred for many years. The city is using ground penetrating radar to search for suspected mine workings under the streets.

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  1. This would NOT be surprizing as this was the same conclusions when I lived in the city of Burnley, Lancashire, England. Burnley use to be a ricj coal mining town. It still has tons of coal, but there is a city up above. Methods now days are to strip the land and take what's there. But that would be difficult in Burnley or in most European areas. But at the time I lived there they were having sinking problems in the old Counselor House neighbourhoods that were from the Industrial Revolution era.