Sunday, July 01, 2012

Earthquake swarm in northern Baja

A swarm of more than 20 moderate- to small-magnitude earthquakes occurred 35 miles south of Calexico, CA, on the evening of 30 June and morning of 1 July 2012.  The swarm began with a M4.6 temblor at 8:25 pm Saturday; the largest quake was a M4.7 at 11:36 pm later that evening.   Though poorly constrained the depth to focus was approximately 10 km (6 miles).  There were no reports of damage from the nearby communities of Guadalupe Victoria and Mexicali both of Baja California, Mexico.   [Right, June-July 2012 earthquake swarm at south end of Sierra Cucapah in Baja California, Mexico. Blue boxes represent earthquake epicentersMap from Advanced National Seismic System, USGS]

Most of the 20+ events ranged from M1.5 to M3.0.  The swarm occurred at the south end of the Sierra Cucupah along the projection of the Laguna section of the Elsinore fault zone that trends NNW from Baja California to California.  On 4 April 2010, a M7.2 earthquake occurred very near to the locus of this swarm.

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