Sunday, July 01, 2012

Rosemont copper mine debate goes global

The BBC played up the economy vs environment angle of the proposed Rosemont copper mine in a story run on Friday -  "Arizona copper-mining row pits economy against scenery"   [Right, view of the Santa Rita Mountains. Credit, Rosemont Copper]

A free-lance journalist told me that she's sold her piece on lighting at the mine site to the Los Angeles Times

Last week Tucson tv station, KOLD Channel 13, came out with an editorial  formal endorsement of the mine, saying "It's time to end the fight and start mining."   Mine opponents blasted the station, with some offering the view that the station as a news source had no right to take such an editorial stance.  That surprised me, since mine opponents are arguing that public opinion should be a deciding factor on whether to issue permits.   I figured that the anti-mine forces must have gotten editorial support from other news media.  But the Save the Scenic Santa Ritas web page does not list any.  A cursory web search did not turn up any other formal editorial positions either for or against the mine overall (I'm not counting editorials calling for specific concerns that need to be addressed).  There are individual columnists weighing in but not the editorial boards.  

So, is the KOLD- Ch 13 editorial the first such from a major news organization?

[Update, 7-23-12, 4:30pm:   I heard from Debbie Bush, at KOLD, who presented the editorial. She told me that technically they did not "endorse" the mine, but "did provide an editorial talking about the benefits and why the two sides should work together."     In the original editorial, Debbie says "As a community, let's join forces with Rosemont Copper, benefit from the tax revenue and jobs and, at the same time, work with them to make sure we protect our environment."   I suspect mine supporters are still pleased with that statement even if it is not a formal endorsement.]


  1. Lee, would Rosemont be open pit or a shaft-style mine?

  2. Open pit, with a high headwall which is one of the factors that has opponents up in arms.

  3. Anonymous4:34 PM

    There are so many negative aspects to this mine. The enormous risk to our water and air is just the beginning. An unproven company with a reputation for deceit will never ease a mountain of concerns.

  4. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Debbie Bush moved in Tucson in 2010. She knows jack squat about this area and is not in a position to lecture anyone regarding this mine.