Sunday, September 09, 2012

Geologic mapping priorities set for next year

 AZGS's Geological Mapping Advisory Committee [right] met in Phoenix last week to set priorities for mapping projects for the Survey.   The 12 members come from state and federal agencies, and professional and trade associations across Arizona.

The group  reviewed proposals from the geoscience community and GMAC members for mapping in 11 different areas and the rationale for mapping each area.  The meeting is open with a few other geology representatives sitting in.   

The GMAC voted and the top choices are:
  • Tucson area aggregate mapping and database
  • Kingman area geologic mapping
  • Holbrook area geologic mapping
  • Lower Colorado River valley geologic mapping
AZGS Chief Geologist is using this list to identify specific quadrangles to propose for matching funding from the USGS Statemap program.   I'll share more details on why each area was chosen and what we hope to learn from the mapping.

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