Thursday, September 06, 2012

Swallowed by the haboob

I was heading home from the Capitol this afternoon around 4:30 and about 20 miles south of Phoenix the wall of dark rain clouds ahead turned to brown. 

The wind picked up and things started getting dusty.  But within seconds we disappeared into what I hear was a giant haboob.   Speeds dropped from 75 to 10 mph, flashers came on and there was an orderly migration off the highway, across the shoulder and over to the freeway fence.  I was in the middle of a small convoy that crept along carefully, everyone cautious about changing lanes or doing anything sudden that might catch our fellow travelers by surprise.  [Right, cell phone photo out the windshield taken at about 5 mph]

My wife Ann says she was watching the news when reports came in that this haboob was heading north and hit Chandler on the south side of Phoenix about 15 minutes after I went through it.

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