Thursday, September 13, 2012

State Highway 264 reopens after flood damage

 The Arizona Dept. of Highways re-opened State Highway 264 east of Tuba City after a section was washed out by heavy rains on Wednesday. The temporary fix allows travelers on the Navajo and Hopi reservations access to the cliff-side road until more permanent repairs can be made next week, according to news reports.

[Right, washed out section of road just to right of center. Credit, ADOT]


  1. Lee - I was on my way from Flagstaff to Lees Ferry on Wednesday, September 12 to conduct a geological river trip and we saw every normally dry wash full of water on the drive. It was spectacular to see.

  2. Also, what kind of trees populate this region, wildlife, climate, etc. I need a place in Arizona that is without desert so much, if such a place even exists. This highway would need to be really really long also, the kind you could drive hours on and see nothing but forest and trees... This is research for a short story if you're wondering.