Saturday, December 15, 2012

A global encyclopedia of ore deposits

Data Metallogenica is described as a 'global encyclopedia of ore deposits,' that includes a database which contains:
    • Samples from nearly 4,000 mineral deposits from more than 70 countries
    • Photographs of 70,000 representative rock samples world-wide
    • Descriptions, maps, cross-sections, field & mine photographs
    • Spectral mineralogy of altered rocks
    • Complete research theses on mineral deposits
    • A database listing of 10,000 Australian geoscience theses
    • Searching by text or map  
The DM center is based in Adelaide Australia but is global in its coverage.  DM was set up as a self-funding not-for-profit enterprise. DM says its "internet database is now on-line and available to anyone wishing to subscribe. The rate is a sliding scale to make it affordable both for individuals and for organisations of different sizes. A special rate has been struck for universities and geological surveys, with significant discounts available to companies and institutions that sponsor DM."

There is a free search tool that provides limited access to the online resources.

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