Friday, December 21, 2012

Mineral royalties on federal lands in Arizona is over $46 million

The Department of the Interior’s Office of Natural Resources Revenue (ONRR) announced earlier this month that "more than $2.1 billion was disbursed to 36 states as part of the state share of Federal revenues collected in Fiscal Year 2012 from energy and mineral production that occurred on Federal lands within their borders, and offshore on the Outer Continental Shelf."    Most of the $2.1 billion paid in royalties to states is from coal and oil and gas production.  

The royalties paid to the federal government by industry amounted to $46.6 million, on mineral production on federal lands in Arizona of $358.2 million (or about 13%).   However, the State of Arizona's share of the royalties is $14,171.44.

The ONRR data shows that the vast majority of the production is from coal production, which is from the Black Mesa deposit on the Navajo and Hopi tribal reservations.  I presume the state share of royalties coming to Arizona from the coal goes principally to the Tribes, but ONRR says "American Indian data is available only at the National Summary level, as State-level summaries reveal proprietary data."

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