Monday, June 24, 2013

Back online

I'm back in the office after a couple weeks away.  First the annual meeting of the State Geologists was held in Deadwood, South Dakota.  AZGS held the annual meeting of the State Geothermal Data project in conjunction with it because almost all the State Geological Surveys are involved through digitizing and serving up their data online.    We ran multiple breakout sessions and gave presentations that led to broad agreement in building on the data integration framework we've built to serve additional types of data from Surveys.  More to come on this topic....

My wife and I then headed off to the mountains in northwest Wyoming for the past week, where the nearest cell phone coverage is 45 miles away.  And the early morning temperatures were in the mid 30s versus high 70s in Tucson.

So hope to get back to blogging shortly as I catch up on hundreds of emails and year end budget stuff.  There's a lot going on to report on.

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