Monday, June 10, 2013

Forest Service meeting on proposed mineral exploration in Patagonia area

The US Forest Service and the Town of Patagonia are holding a public meeting on Tuesday to discuss plans for mining projects in the Patagonia area, including the Hermosa silver mine project [right, proposed pit location. Credit, Wildcat Silver]

The event will be held at Patagonia High School Cafeteria, 200 Naugle Avenue from 6:30 to 8:00pm.

Proponents and opponents are both urging their supporters to show up to demonstrate their positions. 

[corrected 8pm 6-10-13:  My original post mistakenly said the meeting was between USFS and Wildcat Silver]

Thanks to Southern Arizona Business Coalition for passing along this item


  1. This meeting is not a meeting between the Forest Service and Wildcat Silver. The Forest Service is coming to describe to possible exploratory drilling projects(one of which is a project by WS) with the people of Patagonia. The majority of which are opposed to any project in the Patagonia Mts. You should make sure your information is correct before posting.

    1. Anonymous10:26 AM

      Majority? NOT!

    2. Anonymous9:55 AM

      Did you go to the meeting last night? it was pretty obvious from where I was sitting?

  2. Thanks for the correction.

  3. Anonymous6:56 AM

    I say drill, drill, drill, baby.