Thursday, November 06, 2014

Construction update at US89 landslide

Heavy construction has been underway since this summer on building a giant buttress below the landslide that closed US highway 89 southwest of Page.    ADOT has a webpage with updates on the work, but also posts updates on their blog with the latest on September 3.

A couple of weeks ago they added an extensive set of photos of the construction work on   [Right, view from US89 of the  work on the landslide materials and the buttress.  Credit, ADOT]

The construction is expected to cost in the area of $35 million. Another ~$20 million was spent to upgrade and pave route Navajo 20 as a temporary bypass around the slide to maintain access to Page.   There are no estimates of the economic losses due to the lengthy detours and semis getting stuck in soft sand, or to the loss of business in Page.

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