Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Resolution Copper shaft is deepest in North America

Shaft #10 at the Resolution Copper mine in Superior reached its final depth of 6,943 feet (2,116 m). The 28-foot diameter shaft is the deepest single lift shaft in North America, according to the company. [Right top, bottom of shaft #10.  Photo credit, Resolution Copper]

The Resolution mine would produce an estimated 25% of the nation's copper for the next 40 years once it's completed.  [Right bottom, headframe for shaft #10. Photo credit, Nyal Niemuth]

"The completion of this 1.3 mile deep vertical shaft is truly unprecedented in North America,”
said Tom Goodell, General Manager of Shaft Development for the Resolution project. “The safe completion of the project represents a great engineering achievement, and I am particularly proud of the team -- made up mostly of miners from this area -- who made it happen.”

Development of the underground is dependent on a land exchange that needs Congressional approval.

[updated 11-20-14 with top photo]


  1. Anonymous4:58 AM

    One hurdle completed, now the hard swap!

  2. Fascinating, thank you for posting!