Thursday, November 27, 2014

Helium exploration geologist position open in Phoenix

Exploration for helium in Arizona heated up this year with two wells drilled in the Holbrook area where it was produced for decades. [Right, AZGS map of helium fields in Arizona] One of our correspondents passed along a new job posting for a Phoenix-based geologist to help with helium exploration in the region.
Progressive Global Energy & Natural Resources posted the job notice on on November 14 (Job Reference1041244).
Job Description:
Our client, is in the business of addressing the supply of helium to industry, government, medical and the research communities. Our client, has accumulated working interests in oil and gas lease holdings composed of more than 35,000 acres in a geographic region that historically has been recognized to contain some of the highest helium concentrations found. The extent of our clients recoverable helium reserves will be identified by drilling and third party engineering analysis. The fields will be developed through production well drilling and completion, infrastructure gathering system and processing equipment construction.

Our client is located in Phoenix, Arizona and is looking for an experienced Exploration Geologist to participate in this exciting opportunity.
  • 15+ years of experience as an Exploration Geologist
  • -experience working in gas field
  • -prospect generation
  • -cross sections
  • -mapping
  • -field development
  • -well planning

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