Wednesday, August 26, 2015

EPA: Gold King Mine blowout "inevitable"

EPA posted a new report  SUMMARY REPORT: EPA Internal Review of the August 5, 2015 Gold King Mine Blowout (PDF) at

The EPA internal investigator team reports that "the Team believes that Emergency Action Plan (EAP) included with the site plan did not anticipate or plan for the volume or pressure encountered and contained only limited emergency procedures in case of a mine blowout."    Yet, even with that, "the Team concludes that the Adit blowout was likely inevitable."   [Right, Gold King Mine Level 7 and Red & Bonita adits.  EPA  on GoogleEarth image, June 2015]

Much credence is given to the claim that EPA received no significant criticism of its plans.

Meanwhile, here are some of the news stories circulating about the spill, its impacts, and consequences:

**Gold King Mine Spill Has Not Adversely Affected Our Waters

***Page Economy Feels Impact of Gold King Mine Spill­­­

Local governments, nonprofits urge mining regulation reforms

Environmental groups, county petition federal agencies to change mining regulations

Federal rules wouldn’t have saved the Animas River from Gold King anyway­

Probe into Colorado mining disaster that turned a river YELLOW is being blocked by EPA - which caused the toxic spill

Groups to feds: Tighten mining rules in light of river spill

Disastrous Animas River Mine Spill Prompts Call for Regulatory Reform

Groups to feds: Tighten mining rules in light of Animas River spill

Navajo set example, protect land for future generations

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