Saturday, August 01, 2015

Shh! Arizona oil exploration is covert search for buried alien spacecraft

You know that recent report that a California geophysical services company is shooting seismic lines south of Kingman as part of an exploration program to look for oil and gas potential?   Well, according to some folks in Mohave County, it's all a cover up to hide the real purpose - a search for an alien spaceship that crashed in 1947 and somehow is now buried hundreds of feet below the surface.   Without leaving a surface trace.   [Right, still from the 1950s sci-fi film, "It Came From Outer Space"]   

Clearly the article is a spoof, but read the comments from people who describe not one but two buried spacecraft and an almost rush hour like stream of UFOs zooming around the area.

So, let me offer my theory - the alien spacecraft is actually an intergalactic oil tanker.  But the question is whether it came here to steal our oil and take it home, or to dump their own oil here using Earth as a giant waste site.

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