Monday, October 12, 2015

Adding sample data to Gold King Mine spill map

The USGS is making data available for sample locations and sampling parameters from the EPA Gold King Mine spill.  We are adding it to the GKM spill sample map we create. They will be releasing the water chemistry data shortly at their own dedicated GKM spill site, or it can be harvested from the  NWIS web site.

The USGS is building out a web feature and they would be delighted for feedback. It is unclear when they will go public. It in expected to be a very robust site with historic data, interactive map, remote sensing data – satellite and airborne, and more.  They are very interested in stakeholder response to this approach.

We have also received a request from the National Park Service to add biological sample data to the AZGS site so we are contacting the appropriate agencies.

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