Wednesday, October 14, 2015

"Geology of Northern Arizona" guidebooks now online

AZGS has posted online for free viewing and downloading "The Geology of Northern Arizona - With Notes on Archaeology and Paleoclimate" at   This is a two volumes set comprising 800 pages of illustrated field trip guides for sites in Northern Arizona that was published in 1974 as part of the Rocky Mountain section meeting of the Geological Society of America.

For the first time it is available online as downloadable PDF.

Northern Arizona has attracted pioneers in North American geology since the days of John Wesley Powell; when northern Arizona was considered to be a part of our "last frontier." Perhaps Powell, Darton, Dutton, Walcott, Noble, Gregory, Gilbert, Davis, or Robinson would not have been surprised to learn that the geology of northern Arizona would play an important part several generations later in the geologic exploration of a new frontier--that of space.

AZGS thanks GSA, the Museum of Northern Arizona, and Northern Arizona University for graciously providing permission to put this online.

The two volume set was scanned and processed by Kevin Horstman. Thanks Kevin!

[excerpted from the AZGS announcement]

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