Wednesday, October 28, 2015

New report on Cordilleran tectonics likely to generate its own upheaval

A new paper published today is bound to generate heated debate.    Tucson-based geologist Robert "Bob" Hildebrand's article "Dismemberment and northward migration of the Cordilleran orogen: Baja-BC resolved" came out in GSA Today with a provacative conclusion.   Bob proposes that the sinistral Texas Lineament and the sinistral Lewis & Clark transverse zone, located about 1300 kilometers to the north, can be restored to one through-going zone. [Right, Figure 2 from the paper.  The proposed fault is shown in green extending across the entire N-S extent of the US.]

The proposed right-lateral fault divides the Basin & Range province from the Colorado Plateau across the extent of Arizona and Utah and well into Canada.

Bob's previous alternative tectonic theories have drawn a lot of attention and animated discussion.  This one is going to do the same.

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