Thursday, January 14, 2016

Bill would ban 'fracking' in Arizona

A bill submitted to the Arizona House today would prohibit hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") for oil and gas production.  House Bill 2407 amends statutes of the Arizona Dept. of Environmental Quality to state that "A person may not engage in hydraulic fracturing in this state and may not collect, store or treat water in this state if that water is used in, generated by or resulting from the process of hydraulic fracturing."
Hydraulic fracturing is being blamed for earthquakes in Oklahoma, Kansas and other areas, when in fact the quakes are likely being caused by the deep underground injection of wastewater from oil and gas production in those regions, a practice common in the industry worldwide for decades. However, the use of hydraulic fracturing has resulted in increased water production.

A few exploration wells have been hydraulically fractured in Arizona in past decades but none in recent years, and none of the 16 or so producing wells in Arizona were fracked.  There are no proposals to do so anywhere in the state.   A permit to 'frack' requires approval from the Oil & Gas Conservation Commission and the Arizona Dept. of Environmental Quality.


  1. Anonymous3:13 AM

    Bill should be defeated. People don't understand fracking and think "the sky is falling". Thanks to the greenies who want to stop all progress . (luddites)?Funny how they all want to live in the past.

    1. Anonymous9:52 PM

      Try asking the REAL people that live near where current fracking is taking place. Probably find our more than asking the people that make money from the operation!

  2. Anonymous3:19 AM

    Can we also have a bill stating that individuals promoting fracking & the use of and possibly non-disclosure of hazzardous chemicals should be subject to criminal prosecution? Greed and personal/corporate power or gain through mineral rights should not be placed before peoples health and safety. Want an alternative? build solar towers. Or individual towers. Innovation (and maybe clean coal?) is the key