Sunday, January 31, 2016

Drop in copper prices moves Arizona out of #1 mining position

Arizona fell to second place in value of non-fuel minerals produced in 2015.  The USGS Mineral Commodities Summary for 2015 shows Arizona producing $6.8 billion of mineral vs $6.94 billion in Nevada. Nevada production is dominated by gold whereas Arizona is controlled by copper.

Arizona production value was down 14% from the prior year. In 2014, Arizona mineral production was valued at $8.06 billion, or 10.38% of the national production, while Nevada as at $7.49 billion.   

In addition to copper, Arizona's main mineral products were molybdenum concentrates, sand and gravel (construction), cement (portland), stone (crushed).   Arizona produced 8.69% of the value of the nation's non-fuel minerals in 2015.  [Right, AZGS active mines map]

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