Friday, January 15, 2016

Governor proposes transferring Arizona Geological Survey to the University of Arizona

Governor Ducey's Fiscal Year 2017 budget proposes transfer of the Arizona Geological Survey duties and responsibities to the University of Arizona, beginning July 1, 2016.

The Governor's budget proposal states:
The Arizona Geological Survey was originally housed at the University of Arizona. While the Survey was formally established as an independent State agency in 1988, it retains strong collegial and logistical ties with University faculty and staff. Both engage in rigorous academic geoscience research that greatly benefits the state. For FY 2017, the Executive recommends consolidating the Arizona Geological Survey with in the University of Arizona. This model, adopted by 20 states, is designed to enhance synergies by streamlining services and location of geological mapping data to better serve stakeholders. It presents potential for greater opportunities to successfully leverage research grant funding, can provide a direct pipeline of student researchers to the survey, and should help attract high-profile geologists.

The Executive recommends moving the Oil and Gas Conservation Commission to the Department of Environmental Quality.
If the Legislature approves the proposal, the details of the shift of duties will be worked out between the Governor's Office and the University.  


  1. Anonymous7:55 PM

    This is a flawed idea.

  2. K. Euge, R.G.10:22 AM

    With the passing of Arizona Senate Bill 1102 by the Thirty-eight Legislature in 1987, the Legislature wisely, and for good reasons, separated the Arizona Bureau of Geology and Mineral Technology from the University of Arizona and the Board of Regents in 1988, forming the ARIZONA GEOLOGICAL SURVEY (AzGS).

    The AzGS continues to carry out its Mission Statement to serve the State of Arizona and the needs of “ . . . the legislature, governmental agencies, industry, and the public.” Keep the AzGS . . . it works for all of us!

  3. Anything written including the words "synergies, streamlining services, stakeholders, leverage research funding, and pipeline" is word salad. The University takes more than half of research funds for overhead. The U of A Geosciences Department is world renowned and already suffering from at least three rounds of devastating budget cuts (along with the rest of the university) over the last decade. This is just another "cut taxes, cut program" initiative by a governor vying for rank of stupidest governor in America that will hurt every agency and department involved. Interactions among AZGS, USGS, and Geosciences are as easy as the people involved and don't need word salad enhancements.

    Michael C. Carpenter, PhD, USGS retired, consultant in subsidence and earth fissures.

  4. Anonymous9:14 AM

    Moving AZGS back to UofA is not a good idea. The AZGS is much stronger as its own agency and has become a leading State Geological Survey as such. Moving it back under UofA would result in much less direct funding to the AZGS and probably diminish the AZGS ability to carry out its mission. Please keep the AZGS separate.....send a letter to the governor and to the state legislators.