Friday, February 19, 2016

Governor open to change on geology de-licensing bill

The Arizona House Commerce Committee this week approved HB2613, on a partisan vote of 5-3, to de-license a number of professions including geologists.    The bill is opposed by a broad coalition of professional organizations including the Arizona chapters of American Institute of Professional Geologists and Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists as well as the Arizona Geological Society, Arizona Hydrological Society, American Society of Civil Engineers, and leaders in the professional architects community.    Most of these groups testified against the bill during the hearing.    Mining company Asarco similarly announced their opposition to de-licensing of geologists.   [Photo credit, Asarco]

According to a story in Arizona Capitol Times, Rene Guillen, a policy advisor for Gov. Doug Ducey said after the hearing that "This language is set in clay, not in stone. We are very open to changes. This is an actively evolving proposal. This is far from a final product.”

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