Monday, February 15, 2016

How to speak or comment on Arizona legislation

There are two bills coming up for hearings this week of interest to geologists:

SB 1440 Mining and mineral museum; transfer hearing in Senate Appropriations Committee (Senate Hearing Room 109), 2pm, Tuesday, February 16
HB 2613  Regulatory boards; licensing revisions hearing in House Commerce Committee, (House Hearing Room 1), 9:30 am, Wednesday, February 17

To take a position, to comment on the bills or to request to speak, go to

Click on "Request to Speak"
Create an account with your email and set a password
Select "New Request" from list on the left
Choose a committee from the dropdown main menu, e.g., House, Commerce
Enter bill number, eg 2613   (not HB2613)
Click on "Search" - this should bring up the next hearing.
Click on "Request to Speak"
Choose who you are representing - yourself, your company, an organization, etc
Choose your position on the bill - for, against , or neutral
Check whether you want to speak or not.    You are not obligated to speak
You can make comments (short, succinct points are most effective.  Limit of 250 characters.  Longer explanations are better done as letters to the Committee or members)
Click on "Submit"

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