Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Drilling for CO2 picks up in St. Johns area

Enhanced Oil Resources (formerly Ridgeway Petroleum) has filed 12 permits in 2008 for new wells in the St. Johns Helium and CO2 field of Arizona and New Mexico, through their subsidiary, Ridgeway Arizona Petroleum. In comparison, there were 11 permits for the entire year in 2007. [right: St John field area. EOR Inc.]

EOR reports today that their 10-2-30 well tested 3.1 million cubic feet per day of dry CO2 production from the Amos Wash and Granite Wash pay zones in the Permian Supai Fm. EOR plans on using the CO2 for enhanced oil recovery operations in the New Mexico-Texas region.

update: right after posting this, I learned we received 6 more applications to drill from Ridgeway for a total of 18 so far in 2008. [AZGS handles the technical and admin work for the Arizona Oil & Gas Conservation Commission, which regulates drilling in the state]

another update: see the comment below. I had interpreted the Granite Wash zone as the basla unit of the Supai Fm. rather part of the underlying Pre-Cambrian basement. I apologize for the mistake.

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  1. Anonymous8:41 PM

    Just wanted to offer some clarification. The 3.1 mmcf/d well flow result was co-produced from the Granite Wash/Fractured Basement zones. The Amos Wash zone is considered the most prolific zone and lies above the Granite Wash zone. Previously, this zone has been tested at 2.45 mmcf/d. With the new, larger well bore design, the results going forward are likely to be robust.