Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Numbers of Arizona geology students about on target

AGI reports that there are 20,560 students enrolled nationwide in bachelor degree programs in geoscience.

Arizona ranked 32nd for Undergrads, with 1.1% of the total undergrad population, and 19th for Graduate Students, with 1.8% of the total population. [right: UA Geosciences field camp]

Arizona's 15 departments account for about 1.8% of all Geoscience Departments in the country (about 850 nation-wide), so our enrollment percentages could be considered on target. We just have fewer departments than big states like Texas with 44.

The five states with the most undergrads are:

California 7.5%
Texas 7.4%
New York 7.4%
Colorado 5.4%
Pennsylvania 5.3%

For grad students, it's:

Texas 13.6%
California 9.3%
Florida 7.6%
Colorado 5.7%
Washington 4.4%


  1. This is interesting; just a question, where did you find the percentages for California?

  2. Lee Allison2:52 PM

    Linda, the data are from AGI's Geoscience Workforce Program at http://www.agiweb.org/workforce/currents.html and http://www.agiweb.org/workforce/currents_archive.html

    The specific issue of Geoscience Currents that I referenced is aT http://www.agiweb.org/workforce/Currents-006-2007-Enrollments.pdf